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Lost Wanderer

As cold without Your hands and lips that speak the Truth

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Something That Never Ends

I know how love can hurt you
And now I know it’s true
How spend whole life without You?
And what I’m gonna do.

All lives I lived in darkness
And waited for the sun
And melt away my sadness
When come to Vrindavan.

Sometimes I was so proud
And often I felt bad
To love You I’m allowed
Despite all my setbacks.

Moonlight of your beauty face
Will stay with me my Friend
Your love for me and grace
Is something that never ends.

I need your gentle touching
And thirst for kind advice
That the whole wide world is watching
The truth that sing and rise.

Those glaring colours laid
By shining of your eyes
They should obey a shade
And follow to the skies..

Dedicated to
my beloved Patri..


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